Wisconsin Surface Wind Speed

Okay, this is just plain cool.

Hint.fm has a visual representation of the United States wind speed and direction.

Check out the live version.

They have a gallery of previous days wind visuals as well.

It goes without saying that I’m going to remember this website the next time a major weather event happens in the United States.

Note: you can click anywhere on the map to zoom in on that location.

We’re in there somewhere…


We Knew it Was Coming…But…

…I’m still wishing it wasn’t true…

Gas prices are going up in the Germantown/New Lisbon area.

I snapped this picture leaving Cedar Springs on my way into the Mauston First Weber office this morning.

And if that isn’t enough, today is day 1 of my wife and children’s spring break from the Mauston School District and it’s raining and cold…I’m sighing for that as well…

I hear that the weather will be better in the next day or two…So if you’re looking for a home out by Castle Rock Lake or a city home in New Lisbon you can reach out and I can help you get started.

100 Mile Garage Sale through Minnesota & Wisconsin

Do you love finding a bargain?

The thrill of the hunt?

Negotiating the best deal?

That one persons trash is another persons treasure?

Then you’ll love the annual 100 Mile Garage Sale that runs through 15 historic river towns of western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota.

The dates for this years 100 mile garage sale are May 4-6, 2012.

Thousands of homeowners participate every year, promising to make it an exciting weekend as you make your way through scenic country towns.

The 100 mile garage sale runs from Red Wing, MN south on hwy 61 to Winona, MN then across the Mississippi River to Fountain City, WI and then north on hwy 35 to Prescott, WI.

Check it out. Rain or shine, May 4-6, 2012.

You can find the official announcement here.

Are you going this year? Have you gone in the past? I’m always playing softball that weekend and have never been able to participate.

I’d love to know why you’ve gone in the past and the craziest thing you’ve seen or purchased. Let me know in the comments below. (You don’t have to use your real name)

Who Do You Love!?!? Betcha’ Can’t Guess…

It’s Friday…and Friday’s should be fun!

I found myself behind this vehicle driving home from a home inspection in Hillsboro a couple weeks ago.

Any chance you could even fathom a guess as to who they root for?

If not, I’ll give you a couple hints…

  • back window decal
  • license plate that says “CU Buffs”
  • a CU Buffalo sticker to the right of the left side brake light
  • vehicle color is gold with black trim

You wouldn’t have believed it if I’d told you…

I have a friends (one in particular) who strongly root for a specific team and have the vanity plate…I get that…but all of this?


That’s all I have for today. I know, I know…

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Last week we witnessed a homeowner paying his real estate taxes. What do you think he’d say to what’s below…

Can you guess what the post title is referring to? Maybe Prince Fielders annual salary? Peyton Manning’s bonus that’s due in March?

[Read more...]

Don’t Mind Me

“Hold on a second, almost done. Just have to pay my credit card” says the homeowner.

“Can’t wait. I have 8 more pictures I want to take of your expensive home” replies the Realtor.

“What about my counters? Should they be cleaned off? Oh, and why are you hiding behind the refrigerator?” questions the homeowner.

The mini-conversation above is meant to be somewhat fun. But beneath the chuckles is the very real fact that this picture is not helping the owner sell his home.

I could go on-and-on, but you get it. Even if you choose the best Realtor in Mauston you have to double (or triple) check what’s being put in front of potential buyers.

If I was this owner, I’d be taking some of those Tums that are sitting on his counter… (And he might be, the home has been on the market almost 7 months)

What Will Castle Rock Lake Look Like Tomorrow?

Is our weather about to change?

I’ll admit I was a little behind the weather forecast for our area. But a quick Google search turns up snow each of the next three days.

Our Mauston First Weber office was going to present the American Cancer Society with a donation of $7000 that we were able to raise through the “Turtle Dunk” New Years Day, but that’s been put on hold.

The image above was taken at the boat landing on 15th Avenue adjacent to the Waterstone subdivision Wednesday afternoon. Notice the standing water near shore. Obviously I didn’t walk onto the ice to check its thickness… I did hear we had one person go through the ice in the Juneau County area in the past few days. Please be careful. And smart.

Last week Hallie and I walked all the way across the lake to Copper Point from the landing pictured above. In all my years of being out here this was the first time we went all the way across. Hopefully we’ll do more on the lake this winter than last.

I’ve also been thinking about the individuals/businesses who rely upon the income from plowing snow. I especially hope the people who use the money for Christmas presents were still able to have an awesome holiday.

Plus, I’ve noticed fewer Christmas lights this year. Don’t know if it’s because it hasn’t felt like winter or something else.

But I am looking forward to seeing this one tree on Cherokee Lane in Germantown lit up beneath a layer of new fallen snow.

I’ll do my best to get a picture tomorrow night. The ambiance of the full moon reflecting off the new snow, and the only Christmas lights in the area are on this perfectly symmetrical six foot tall pine tree covered in LED lights.


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Morning View

I really appreciate the cooler mornings we’ve been having this week. This morning scattered throughout my yard were these spiderweb thingies.

This was the first time that I’ve seen anything like this.

Enjoy your weekend, and remember that Parkfest in Lyndon Station kicks off tonight. Little kids baseball starts at 6:00 and the coed softball tournament begins at 8:00. I’ll be there with my Double B coed softball team. In case you were interested, we’ve won the tournament the past few years… :-)

And, if you’re local you already know this, but, every year Lyndon has the best area fireworks display the Saturday of Park Fest. I would strongly suggest you head out there…

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Juneau County Area Easter Egg Hunts

IMPORTANT: Click here if you’re looking for Juneau County Easter Egg Hunts for 2012.

Don’t let the weather dampen your Easter Egg Hunting spirit! Juneau county area has two opportunities for children to hone their egg hunting skills.

April 23, 2011–Veterans Memorial Hall-Necedah

This is the 33rd Annual Beta Easter Egg Hunt and will be held Saturday, April 23 at the Necedah Veterans Memorial Hall. Registration begins at 10:00 am and the ‘hunt’ begins at 10:30 am. For ages 1 through grade 3. Cost is $1 per person. The Easter Bunny will be making a special appearance! Hot cocoa, punch and donuts will be served to the hungry hunters and cold parents.

April 23, 2011–Lone Rock School

The Lone Rock Community Club is holding an Easter Egg Hun starting at 10:00 am at the Lone Rock School/Shelter. The club will also be hosting a bake sale. Delicious pastries for all!

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Discover Wisconsin Invaded the Mauston Area

The TV show Discover Wisconsin profiled the Mauston area. They went to many of our attractions and presented the area in a very favorable light.

I enjoyed viewing the program from a visitors perspective. As a year round resident of the area you begin to loose sight of all the unique attractions we have right in our backyard, so to speak.

You can watch the entire episode here.

Following are links to businesses or attractions that the Discover Wisconsin crew visited while in Mauston:

I know I need to make my way out the South Shore Restaurant soon. I’m liking there lunch menu

What else would you tell people to check out while in town?