If You Want Someone to Love Your Home, You Need to Love Your Home First

So often we expect things to happen without much effort.

“I’ll graduate college” a 17 year old senior high school student says.

And then drops out after one semester because they failed to do much, if any work. But they could tell you where all the good Thursday night parties were…

Or the newlyweds who believe their marriage will last forever, but then they each live like they’re single, without learning to compromise with each other…

I *almost* took a part-time job a few years ago packing boxes at Lands End. There was a quota that you had to complete every 40 minutes. All shift long.

Success involves “showing up.”

Doing the work necessary.

I used to coach freshmen basketball a few years ago in Mauston. It was the work we did on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays that allowed us to be successful on Tuesday and Friday.

I always told my players that the effort they put in during the week at practice allowed us to put on a show when it was time to play a game.

And we did.

Practice wasn’t always glamorous, and it usually wasn’t easy or fun. But it had to be done.

So we could do what we wanted to do. Put on a show. Play our best game ever.

I know you want your home sold.

I know it probably needs to be sold yesterday too…

I get that.

But what have you been doing to love your home before today?

Have you been updating your home every little while?

Have you looked at your paint choices? That purple you love, might not be very high on the list of a prospective buyer that comes through your home next week.

Have your children been decorating their bedroom walls with posters, pictures, writing etc.? What will a buyer think about that?

How’s the outside look? It seems like we may never have snow again, so how will you hide the overgrown flower beds?

Have you checked out other Mauston homes currently for sale? Or the city where you live. Use the search box to the right.

It’s easy to learn to ‘live with’ stuff. We overlook it. And probably never actually see it.

The majority of my home doesn’t have trim. It NEEDS trim before I could ever put my home up for sale. I have tile that needs to be cleaned. Ugh, my soffit and fascia need to be replaced as well…

I know I have to start taking care of these issues this year so I’m ready next year or the year after. I have a hobby farm waiting for me.

What do you have waiting for you?

But in order to reach that goal, take an honest look now. Before you call your favorite First Weber real estate agent.

But if you’ve done your homework and you know your home’s ready, you can call me at (608)542-0178 or send me an email at holberga[at]firstweber[dot]com.

You can reach your goal. I can help.


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